How to Clean a Grill

How to Clean a Grill

Nothing says summer relaxation quite like an afternoon in the backyard with your beloved grill. If you’re like many grill masters, however, you often neglect the cleaning and maintenance your grill needs.

The good news? It’s not tough to clean your grill. In just a few minutes, you can make it look shiny and new — all while preventing a myriad of problems that tend to accompany poor maintenance. Follow these simple steps to get your grill sparkly clean in no time:

Follow the Manufacturer’s Instructions

Do you still have the manual for your original grill? If so, the manufacturer should provide detailed instructions for proper care. When in doubt, it’s best to follow these directions. Depending on your grill, specific steps may be required to keep it in the best shape possible. If, however, you’re like the average grill owner, that manual was lost ages ago. The steps we provide below are applicable for nearly any gas grill.  

Find the Right Cleaning Supplies

Effective grill cleaning is impossible if you lack the proper tools and supplies. If you’re fussy about getting your hands dirty, you’ll probably want a pair of gloves. A grill brush or other form of cleaning brush is imperative, as are rags, washcloths, or paper towels. A putty knife can also prove useful, and don’t forget the soap and water.

Turn Off the Gas

Before you begin, make sure the gas supply has been turned off. If necessary, you can detach the gas tank.

Remove and Clean the Grill Plates

Once the gas supply has been turned off, it’s safe to proceed with the grill plate removal. Pull the grill plates all the way out of the grill so you can clean them thoroughly. Use either a brush specifically designed for grills or some other coarse cleaning brush to remove any residue. It may be easier to clean the grill plates if you soak them in soapy water first.

Clean the Burner Tubes And Anything That Covers the Burners

Remove ceramic briquettes, metal heat tents, or lava stones from the burners. Brush these elements clean. Next, check that the gas ports are both open and clean. Brush the burner tubes carefully.

Clean the Grill’s Lid and Bottom

Both the lid and bottom of the grill may require special attention; debris tends to accumulate quickly in these locations. First, use either a brush or rag to wipe debris from the bottom of the grill. A putty knife may be necessary to remove carbon flakes from either the bottom of the grill or the lid.

Wipe the Grease Collection Tray Clean Or Replace If Necessary

Depending on the nature of your grill’s grease collection system, you may need to wipe the tray clean or completely replace it. Many grills have removable trays that can easily be replaced. Otherwise, use a rag with soap and water. Be sure to dispose of accumulated grease properly; you’ll cause extensive damage to your drain if you simply pour it down the sink. Instead, pour grease into an empty can and set it aside. Once it has hardened, you can toss it.

If you’re not already in the habit of checking the grease tray every time you grill, it’s time to start. It’s not good enough to simply remove grease when you do a deep clean; grease should be removed promptly whenever it accumulates. Fail to keep on top of grease and you will dramatically increase the risk of a grease fire.

Clean the Grill’s Exterior

The final step before putting your grill back together: clean the outside. You can accomplish this with rags and soapy water, or special steel wipes if you prefer. Don’t forget to clean the cabinet or side tables.

How Often Should You Clean Your Grill?

Ideally, you’ll at least wipe down your grill every time you use it. This doesn’t take long, and – depending on how often you grill – it could prevent a variety of issues down the road.

How often you should perform an in-depth cleaning will depend somewhat on how often you grill out. If you use your grill practically every day, a deep cleaning once per month (or if you’re feeling ambitious, every other week) should do the trick. If you save your grill for special occasions, be sure to clean it at least once per season.

It doesn’t take long to clean your grill, and it doesn’t require a lot of special tools, so there is no reason to neglect this essential task. The result is well worth the effort.

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