How To Get Wrinkles Out Without Ironing

How To Get Wrinkles Out Without Ironing

Let’s face it – very few people enjoy ironing. It’s tedious and time-consuming, and some people aren’t even motivated enough to buy a clothes iron. Whether you’re strapped for time or you’re simply not in the mood to iron here are some tips on getting wrinkles out without ironing. 

6 Ways To Get Wrinkles Out Without Ironing

It’s really amazing how many ways you can iron without actually ironing. Maybe it’s because so many people have needed to get wrinkles out and didn’t have an iron on them, who knows, but we sure have lots of tried and true methods. 

1. Straight Iron your Collar

If the only thing that’s wrinkled is your shirt collar, it certainly doesn’t seem worth it to pull out your clothes iron. Fortunately, you can quickly and easily straighten your collar using a hair straightening iron. If you can adjust the heat setting on your straight iron, use a low setting at first – especially if your shirt is made of silk or satin.

2. Use the Steam Setting on your Clothes Iron

If you do own a clothing iron but you’re just too unmotivated or strapped for time to iron your clothes, you can use the steam setting on your iron to quickly and easily get out your clothes wrinkles. Simply hold the iron a few inches away from the clothes, press the steam button, and run the iron past the wrinkles. This method will get out most to all of the wrinkles in your clothes.

3. Hang the Clothes by your Shower

There’s a similar method to the one described above that doesn’t require an iron, and it doesn’t really require time or effort on your part. Hanging your clothes in your bathroom while you shower will allow the steam from the shower to get out the wrinkles in your clothes. The great part of this method is that the clothes take care of themselves while you’re getting ready to go.

4. Use your Blow Dryer

Your blow dryer can provide enough heat to loosen some of those wrinkles. Simply run the blow dryer past the wrinkles and you’ll see them start to straighten out. Always make sure the heat setting is at the right level for the fabric. 

5. Use a Bit of Water

A lot of times, washing your clothes and then hanging them immediately will help you prevent wrinkles. This is because water is a good tool for getting rid of wrinkles. You can apply this fact to get rid of wrinkles in addition to preventing them.

Sprinkle some water over the wrinkles and gently tug them to straighten the clothes out. You can also use a damp cloth and run over the wrinkles. You just want to make sure the clothes aren’t getting too wet since that will leave a wet spot that takes some time to dry. 

6. Ice Cubes in the Dryer

Most of the methods listed above use heat to get rid of clothing wrinkles, so it may be surprising to learn that ice cubes can be an effective tool for removing wrinkles. If you toss a couple of ice cubes into the dryer with your wrinkled shirt and run the dryer for 15 minutes, your shirt will come out wrinkle-free.

This method is actually using steam just like the shower and iron’s steam setting options are. As the heat from the dryer melts the ice cubes, they release steam which loosens up the fabric and eliminates wrinkles.

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