House Cleaning Southlake TX

House Cleaning Southlake TX

Professional House Cleaning Service in Southlake

When you’re looking to schedule a cleaning, either for a special occasion or on an ongoing basis, you want the very best in the business. For top-notch, professional maid services, check out Love My Maids. We have a checklist we follow to make sure we don’t miss anything, and we are also willing to work with you if you have special cleaning requests.

We are detail-oriented and offer both a standard and deep cleaning option that will have your house or office looking good and smelling fresh – no matter what unique challenges you may face. With your busy lifestyle, keeping your house clean is one less thing you should have to worry about! When we come in and start cleaning, we take care of everything. You get to sit down, relax, and let us do it all.

Love My Maids offers a variety of cleaning services for home and businesses in Southlake, including the following:

Customer service and professionalism are a top priority. Our maids show up ready to work and committed to doing a great job. We stand behind our work, and if you ever have a concern, we’ll address it immediately, but we feel confident that you’ll love the results of our work. Our maids all speak English, so communication is never a problem. We know you may have questions or concerns about the job at hand and we want you to be able to express them. We’re proud of our company and the job we do, and it shows every time we arrive. Give us a call, and soon “maid day” will be your favorite day!   

Benefits of Having Your Home Professionally Cleaned

Hand with blue rubber glove cleaning dirty ovenQuite likely, you think that having a clean and fresh home is the biggest benefit of hiring Love My Maids. In all likelihood, however, the most important thing you’ll gain from hiring Love My Maids is time – time to enjoy all the little things that you’ve missed out on previously.

Grapevine Lake has been the place to go enjoy the great outdoors for decades. Go boating, enjoy the trails, hang out at the marina, or check out one of the nearby dining options; you could easily spend a week in the area and not get bored. If you have kids, you’ll be able to treat them to the same old-fashioned outdoor activities you enjoyed growing up. Getting this time to spend with your family is priceless for sure.

Office Cleaning in Southlake

Love My Maids may be best known for our house cleaning services, but that’s not all we do – we also offer office cleanings. More than just emptying trashes and dusting, we can sweep, mop, and clean that break room to give you time to focus on the more important tasks that you have in your workday. With the extra time you now have available, you will be amazed by what gets accomplished in the workplace.

You’ll be amazed at the difference just one Love My Maids visit can make. After our visit, your office will impress your customers and vendors, and you’ll have staff members that are happier and more productive.

Love My Maids Commitment to Great Customer Service

Love My Maids was started in 2014 when our owner decided that she was done with the corporate world and was ready to become involved in local business. With Love My Maids, Ginger is able to provide a much-needed and appreciated service to homeowners and local business owners throughout the area.

Southlake customers of Love My Maids often mention the friendly service offered by our maids. That’s something special that you don’t find just anywhere, and it’s what makes Love My Maids a unique house cleaning firm here in Southlake, Texas.

Contact Love My Maids and Book a Cleaning

We would love to provide a home cleaning quote.  Just give us a call at (817) 697-3136. The team here at Love My Maids is extremely excited to work with you!